Ralph Evans

October 13, 1954 to January 5, 2012

Ralph Evans.

          I just found out that Ralph Evans has died, I've known him since 1990. He was a good friend who I could talk science fiction and computers with. I'm really going to miss you Ralph.

          He was a gamer who for a long time ran LAN parties at his home, at one point he even rented a building for the games because the group got so large.

          He helped keep the archives going because when our cable company stopped carrying KPFK he started taping Hour 25 on VHS and sending me the tapes.

          My thoughts and prayers are with you Ralph and your family.

          You can donate to Ralph's favorite charity by going to USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

          Around 1993 our local cable company, Time Warner Cable, decided they could no longer be bothered with carrying the L.A. F.M. radio stations they'd been carrying for more than a quarter century. I called in on Hour 25 and asked the "The Group Mind" for help. Very shortly thereafter I met Ralph who for nearly a decade taped the show for me thereby keeping the archives alive. He began by using video tape and we got quite a good system going. Early in 2000 he found Loop Recorder and in March began putting the show on his computer. He went through hell, or a very good approximation thereof doing it. Computers can be wonderful but they can also be a major pain in the ass - Ralph and I, mostly Ralph, got regular reminders of this as he spent hours trying to figure out why things didn't work when it seemed they should. Thank you VERY much Ralph for all your time and help!

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