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Hour 25
July to December, 1975.

WARNING: Bad Spelling, polite corrections welcome.

Hour 25 - July 5, 1975.
Outro previous show. Hour 25 intro. Coming up. The Calendar. 6 Tuesdays course, a film class, New York Times Book Review, June 29, Book Review, "Of Things To Come" by Gerold Jonasis. B. Joe Trimble drops in. "Miri" is the Trek episode at the film class, WesterCon, David Gerold and fandom. Dimension X, "Universe" by Robert Heinlein. Station ID. Project Ozma update, now Wednesdays at 2pm atarting in August. Mike is doing "Read All About It" Monday through Friday. Dimension X, "The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury. Exploring Tomorrow, "The Handwriting on the Wall". Exploring Tomorrow, "First Contact". Station ID. coming up on Hour 25. Phil, fill, Phil, fill, .... coming up on Softcore Phonography.

Hour 25 - July 12, 1975.
Outro music. Hour 25 intro. Tonight's guest. No calendar. Live interview - John Brunner. Music. Live interview - John Brunner, phones. Music. Softcore Phonography intro.

Hour 25 - July 19, 1975.
Outro music. Hour 25 intro. Mike and Mitch only. Coming up. Reporting on the space program. Art books. About John Brunner. The Calendar. Talk. Russian poetry. Russian science fiction publishing agreement. Letter - R. Fiorie read by Mike Hodel. Phone - Lost C-Mel. Talk. Tape reading "Space Shoes of the Gods" by John Sladeck in F&SF November 1974, read by Mitch Harding. Talk. Taped interview with Robert Silverberg by Mike Hodel. Talk. Tape reading "Super Novas and Chrysanthemum" by Patrick Medows in F&SF December 1971 read by Mitch Harding.

Hour 25 - July 26, 1975.

Hour 25 - August 2, 1975.
Outro music. Hour 25 Intro. Coming up. Project Ozma starts next Wednesday. Jay Lacey's show has live radio drama. Article - "Why Space Travel Will Never Get Off The Ground" in Harper's Weekly on July 31, 75 read by Mike Hodel. Article - LA News Makers - Iasac Assimov proposes a space patrol against meteors read by Mike Hodel. Review - "Space 1999" in Media Scene read by Mike Hodel. Harper's Weekly power outage story read by Mitch Harding. "Carying The Fire" by Micheal Collins, excerpt about urination. Roiters, July 18, diahrea in space. Article - "Looking Down On Science Fiction" by Stanislah Lem Febuary 22, 1975, read by Mitch Harding. NASFC in LA this year info read by Mike Hodel. James Blish - March 21, 1921 to Jly 31, 1975, Mike reads a Bio, Mitch reads a bibliography. Some corrections. Coming up. Tape reading - "Earthman Come Home" by James Blish read by Katherine Calkin.

Hour 25 - August 9, 1975.
Outro music. Hour 25 Intro. Mike only. Coming up. George Clayton Johnson's writing credits, film credits. Writing the movie with Ray Bradbury. Short movie ideas. Mike was a competative gymnis. Star Trek, new viewers. The Calendar. "Doc Savage" review by Kevin Thomas in TIME. Comments on review. "Doc Savage" review by Richard Coskelly in Herold Examiner. Dennis Etchison. "Lullaby and Goodnight" in Gama Science Fiction Magazine. Writing is mind fucking. Locknes Monster "Mate A Monster" fund raiser. Letter - D. Day. Naming craters on Venus and other planets. A. E. Vanvought. Demystification. EST, etc. Authority figures. People needing structure. Mike's hopes for Hour 25. A one day con. Coming up. Good night. Burt's announcement about show and commercials. Tape - SF 68, "The Will" by Walter M. Miller.

Hour 25 - August 16, 1975.
Missing first hour. The end portion of reading a script. Talk and phones. Mike discusses writing "Negotiations At A Lower Level." "Autum Angels." Coming up. Pacifica's OTR disclaimer. South African Radio, SF 68, "Watch Bird" by Robert Sheckley.

Hour 25 - August 23, 1975.
Outro music. Hour 25 Intro. Coming up. Mike's stories didn't sell. The Calendar. Live interview - Chuck Crane: NASFC, World Con. Intro to live reading. Live reading - "Like Yesterday" written and read by Theodore Sturgeon. Discuss the story. Sturgeon's comic strips. Sturgeon's UCLA writing class. Live interview - Chuck Crane: producing conventions. Dhalgran. Hugo awards. Coming up. Tape interview - Harlan Ellison by Mike Hodel. Tape - OTR SF68 "Wanted In Surgery" by Harlan Ellison.

Hour 25 - August 30, 1975.
Hour 25 Intro. Coming up. Mitch reviews Doc Savage. Earthquakes. Live Interview - Fred Pohl about Dhalgren, Delaney, publishing. Live interview - Joan Winston about Star Trek. The Calendar. Live interview - Fred Pohl, continued. Phones. Coming up. Thank yous and good night. Taped reading - "The Professor's Teddy Bear" by Theodore Sturgeon read by Leon Charles.

Hour 25 - September 6, 1975.
Hour 25 Intro. Coming up. Mitch reads "Why Don't Blacks Traditionally Do As Well On IQ Tests As Whites?" by Arthur Jensin. "The Humanist Magazine" on Astrology. What's up next. The Calendar. Hour 25 and The Janice Company present live "The Food of the Gods" by H. G. Wells, adapted for radio by Mike Hodel, staring Mike Hodel, Mitch Harding, Mal Geller, Jan Geller, and Paul Secord, technical production by Katherine Calkin. Phone callers review the show. Bill Hayes and others. Mention of "Welcome Back Kotter" is banned in Boston. Next week and coming up. Tape interview - Donald A. Wolheim by Mike Hodel. Soft Core Phonography intro.

Hour 25 - September 13, 1975.
Hour 25 Intro. All 3 hosts. Coming up. Mitch reads an Anolog article about Mars crater names. Tape - A space colony - Gerold O'Neil comments. English gardening. The Calendar. Standing when doing live radio. Station looking for computer expert, fast at key punch and typing. Will Lewis came up with Skiffy. Mike reads Wall Street Journal, 09/04, Cosmic Cult Star Trekies. Katherine Calkin reads Christian Science Monitor, 09/09 Focus by David Starie, 3D In The Round, Logan's Run. Mitch reads letter from Mike Timco. Anti Government SF by John J. Pierce article in Renasance. Synopsis of "The Syndic." Synopsis of "The Great Explosion." Phones. Katherine Calkin reads Roiters 09/04 "Black Holes." article. Phones. Coming up. Exploring Tomorrow hosted by John Campbel jr., Dreams of Falling. Softcore Phonography Intro.

Hour 25 - September 20, 1975.
Hour 25 Intro. Mike and Mitch. Coming up. Mike reads L. A. Times VaughnBrown Commends Space 1999. Mitch reads F and SF, Oct. 1975, Beard Serials about films. The Calendar. Calendar correction. Mitch reads Mountain Areas Show Deterioration. Mitch "How Deeply Can Men Live In The Sea?" by Robert C. Cowin. Mike reads N. S. Watson letter. Phones. Station ID. Phones. Coming up. Exploring Tomorrow, The Little Man Who Wasn't There. Exploring Tomorrow, Future Dreams.

Hour 25 - September 27, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Coming up. HollyCon 2 info. Mike Hodel's grandfather and Harvey The Invisible Rabit. The Calendar. The Speculative Fiction Association of University of California Irvine's first meeting. Live interview - John Duffy and Lary Stienberg. HollyCon 2. Comic book market. Collecting. Sales. Guests. Dr. Wirthum. Mad Magazine. Publishers. Films at the Con. Mailing address. Comics and Science Fiction. Comics social conscience. The Comic Code. Comic book sellers and non sellers. Displaying comics. Reprint comics. Comics trends. Reprinting classics. 20% markup on books. Distribution. Pannels. Ray Bradbury. Radio host guests. HollyCon 2 info. Good night. Tape show - "No Appointment Necessary" show, Dr. Irvin Grotsky and David LoSchinski. Discussing the human brain.

Hour 25 - October 4, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Pitching. Coming up. Review - "Tidal Wave" in L.A. Time 09/20. Pitching. Kolchack. Pitching. Tape - Exploring Tomorrow "Planet Of Geniuses." Pitching. Thank yous, Eric Foss. Premiums. Thank yous. Tape - Exploring Tomorrow "Naggo." Thank yous. Review by Algis Budris of "Dhalgran" read by Mitch Harding. Pitching. Phones. Good night. Exploring Tomorrow "Something That's Loved."

Hour 25 - October 11, 1975.
Missing first 20 minutes or so. Live interview - Walt Lee and John Landis. "A Boy and His Dog." First movies, late 1800's. Movie production cycles. Star Wars mention. THX1138. "Logan's Run." Translating movies. "Fatal Voyage." Getting the most spectacular vissuals for the least amount of money. What's wrong with SF films. "The President's Annalist." Elements in film. "Trog." R and PG definition. How did "Shlock" do. SF Film Festivals. FilmX. The Mexican Film industry. Phones. "James Bond" movies. SF for mass audiences. "Caves of Steel." Phones. The "Star Trek" movie. Can guests come back? Walt Lee's book. Good night. Tape interview - H. H. Hallis, Lisa Tutle, Joe Familia, and Mark Gangle.

Hour 25 - October 18, 1975.
Missing first 40 minutes or so. The Calendar. Pitching. Mike reads "Coffee Break For Sisifus" by Micheal Wood in The New York Review of Books. Talk. Coming up, good night. Taped reading - "Troyca." by Steve Chapman in Orbit 13. Taped production - "The Skills of Xanadu" by Theadore Sturgeon performed by The 99.5 Radio Theater.

Hour 25 - October 25, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Coming up. Pitching. The Calendar. US Mail. Christmas selling. Thank yous. Pitching. Premiums. Project Ozma puns. Lunar Rock Sound Transmission and cheese read by Mitch Harding. Pitching. Thank yous. Mike reads "The UFO Cult Mystery, Did 60 Vanish?" by Victoria Hoggits in The 1975-10-20 Village Voice. Station ID. $50 Matching fund. Nade it. Thank yous. Tape - "I'm Looking For Kadak" written and read by Harlan Ellison.

Hour 25 - November 1, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Coming up. The Calendar. "Hour 25 Review" by Gavin Claypool, The California Tech, 1975-10-24, read by Mike Hodel. Origin of the Hodel name. Mitch read Sky and Telescope March 1975, "A Report From Gainesville" by John B. Erwin. Discuss science magazines. Mitch reads AP news item about the "Snickers" galaxy. Mike reads L.A. Free Press "Last Days of Man On Earth" review by Micheal Katin. Mitch reads an update note about "Snickers". Mitch reads "Nature Nurture Debate" in New Scientist 1974-02-14. Mike reads L.A. Times "Remains of Earlist Man Found" by Mary Leakey. Coming up. Talk about A. E. Van Vogt. The Fund Raising goal was $95,000 and 3,000 subscriptions, the final total was $92,222 2,727 subscriptions. Good night. Tape - "The Lurking Fear" by H. P. Lovecraft read by Fredrick Shrag.

Hour 25 - November 8, 1975.
Music. Hour 25 intro. Coming up. Mike reads "Search For Atlantis." in AP. The Calendar. "The Star Crossed" by Ben Bova about the Star Lost. Tape "A Projection" by Reed Wittermore read by Robert Trotter. News Day Article - New York State will have to ban fishing read by Mitch. Letter - C. Scott Ellifson, "Space Colonies" Science News 1975-09-06 read by Mitch. Christian Science Monitor "Is Growth Good For Us" by Robert Cowin read by Mike. Discus growth. 1975-12 Analog "SF, SciFi, Wadat" by Lester Del Ray read by Mike. Tape "Paranoia Time" by Micheal O'Donahue in National Lampoon read by Mitch Harding. "The Chaste Planet" by John Updike in the New Yorker read by Mike. Tape - "Mind Is Presented As An Inmaterial Indivisable Principle" by Rene Descartes, "Functions of the Brain" by Franz Joseph Gahl, "An Inquirey Concerning the Human Understanding" by David Hume, read by Mitch. Coming up. Good night. Tape - "Count Magnis" by M. R. James read by Dudly Nite.

Hour 25 - November 15, 1975.
Music. Hour 25 intro. Coming up. Letter - Dr. Nick Web with programming sugestions for KPFK read by Mitch. The Calendar. Live interview - Dr. George A. Able. Astrology. Live phone interview - Sidney Omar. Tape - "Vengence Is Mine Sayith The Lord" by Patricia Win Evans read by Mitch Harding. Live interview continued. Phones. Coming up. Good night.

Hour 25 - November 22, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Mitch didn't make it. Coming up. The Calendar. Live phone interview - Walt Doherty about the fifth annual Witchcraft and Sorcery Convention. Mike tells how he wrote his story. Live reading - "Negotiations At A Lower Level" written and read by Mike Hodel. F and SF rejection letter read by Mike Hodel. Fred Pohl's evaluation of Mike's story. Where to submit the story. Phones. Coming up. Katherine explains why she read "Desertion" onto tape. Tape - "Desertion" by Clifford Simac read by Katherine Calkine.

  • Time: 25:21 - “Negotiations At A Lower Level” - written and read live by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - November 29, 1975.
Music. Hour 25 intro. Coming up. Osterbogulous. The Calendar. Live interview - Marion Zimmer Bradley. Letter - Jerry Pournelle "Defending Science Fiction" sent to Atlas The World Press Review. Live interview continued. Good night. Tape - "At The Mountains of Murkeyness" by Arthur C. Clarke read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - December 6, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Coming up. LA 2000. The Calendar. Live - "Is Space 1999 More Fi than Sci" by Isaac Asimov, the New York TImes 1975-09-08, read by Mike Hodel. Technical advisors for TV shows. The SF Handbook by L. Sprague De Camp. Ozone layer problems. "Spaced Out Oddities" by Brian Aldis read by Moke Hodel. The Star Trek plans. Phones. Coming up. KPFK Broadcast News Award. Christmas Fair. Tape - "The Thousand Dreams of Stella Vista" in Passport To Eternity by J. G. Ballard read by Mitch Harding.

Hour 25 - December 13, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Coming up. Coming up. Mitch talks about the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis, loglan, and the Loglan Institute. The Calendar. Tape - "Lights Out" by Arch Obler. Harlan Ellison is the guest. "Quiet Please." The Campbell Awards. What is Ellison up to. Adding to Ellison's house. Ellison working in the yard. Newsweek has a cover of Science Fiction story. Writing in the Change of Hobbit window. What is Harlan's room 101. Harlan's reading of "Kadak." "A Boy and His Dog" in the family viewing hour. "Barry Lyndon." Stanley Kubrick. "Phoenix Without Ashes." Royalties on books. Why some authors stop writing. Writer's block. How Ellison writes. "The New York Review of Bird." "Superman" authors. LP - "2000 Light Years From Home" by The Rolling Stones. (Section missing - side change.) Station ID. Ellison intros his story. Live - "Tired Old Man" written and read by Harlan Ellison. Phones. Ellison will write in the window of Change of Hobbit. Ellison's books. Good night. Tape - Stan Lee intervie wed by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - December 20, 1975.
Hour 25 intro. Coming up. "Howard The Duck 2." is out. The Calendar. Thank you - good night. KPFK Language Disclaimer. Tape - "Riders of the Purple Wage" by Philip Jose Farmer, performed by The Young Raddishes. The cast includes: David Cloud, Harlan Ellison, Mitchell Harding, Ethley Herman, Mike Hodel, Peter Lert, and Theodore Sturgeon.

Hour 25 - December 27, 1975.

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