What Is Hour 25?

          As has been mentioned many times in these pages, Hour 25 is the longest running broadcast show dealing with Science Fiction and related topics. It was started in January of 1972 by Mike Hodel with Mitch Harding (A.K.A. John Henry Thong) and Katherine Calkin. They wanted to have a show which not only did readings, rebroadcast old radio SF, and provided news from the worlds of Science Fiction, but also interviewed authors, publishers, and others who were working in the SF field and related areas. Here now is a little more information about the show's past.

When Hour 25 Started

          In late 1971 Mike Hodel and a few other people were doing a show called "NOght Angels" on KPFK. Mike began talking about doing a Science Fiction show since he like Science Fiction and he did not know of anyone else doing that king of program. After working things out with the station Hour 25 started in January of 1972. At first it was hosted by Mitch Harding adn Katherine Calkin, MIke was not there due to finishing up some previous commitments but in a few months all three of the original hosts were on the air doing Hour 25. The show started out being a lot of reading and "natter," it was some time before they had their first guest, Theodore Sturgeon.

Hour 25's History

Some Of The Guests

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